The eye and savoir-faire of a true artist


Born to a rare family of aesthetes, Sanjay Kasliwal’s devotion to creating jewelry of the finest craftsmanship is intertwined to his family’s legacy as the legendary jewelers for the Mughal Empire in the XVI Century.

Seven generations later, Sanjay Kasliwal continues to uphold the original spirit of splendor and magnificence of the Maharajas, ‘great kings’ of India, while infusing his collections with a fresh perspective.


Today, Sanjay creates opulent masterpieces for his eponymous collection that impressively reconcile his Indian roots with Western tastes, bringing an Italian sensibility to intricate traditional Indian designs.

He fuses two of the most important goldsmith traditions worldwide, merging Italian flair and creativity with Indian heritage and ancestral handcraft. His collections marry the best of the past and the present.