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The Gem Palace


The story of the Kasliwal family dates back to the XVI Century, during the Mughal Empire when the Maharajas, ‘great kings’ of India, represented a rich, fascinating chapter of India’s long history.

It was in the service of these princely rulers, patrons of the arts both in India and throughout Europe, that the Kasliwal family first established their status as legendary jewelers.

A rare family of aesthetes, whose elegant tastes and refined ideas developed through a comprehensive study of the Islamic and far Eastern arts. The Jaipur Royal family appointed this family of skilled jewelers and gem cutters as official court jewel makers and the British Crown also granted them high honors.

From Jaipur to New York


Sanjay Kasliwal, a seventh-generation descendant of the Kasliwal family, opened his eponymous boutique in New York City at 971 Madison Avenue at 75th Street in 2014.

The intimate boutique, 300 square feet, features warm, coral tapestried walls and dark wood accents and display cases. It is a jewelry box of a store, highlighting the brand’s origins in Jaipur.